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Tom’s Christian Tours, incorporated in 1995 by Tom and Janie Niedfeldt of Fond du Lac, WI, offers reasonably priced, family oriented tours with a Christian atmosphere. Tours can range from one-day Midwest theatre excursions to coach tours within the USA to two-week visits abroad.

On January 1, 2013, Tom & Janie Niedfeldt will be retiring and Scott & Tammy Monroe will be taking over the ownership of Tom’s Christian Tours. The Monroes are receiving hands-on training until then. Scott and Tammy plan to continue the great tours and traditions of TCT. The name will stay the same, the tours will stay the same, the pick-up locations will stay the same, the attention to details and people will stay the same, devotions will stay the same; however, as of January 1, 2013, the mailing address will change to 212 Broadway Dr., Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Call 921-7737 or 1-800-656-7745 for more information or to reserve space on any of the upcoming tours.

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  Let's look ahead
To help travelers plan their upcoming vacations we are sharing our travel plans. Please call for more details or to put your names on the list of interested participants. Some tours are already filling. [details]
  New Owners Same Service
On January 1, 2013, Tom & Janie Niedfeldt will be retiring and Scott & Tammy Monroe will be taking over the ownership of Tom’s Christian Tours. [details]
  Hiking the Chilkoot with ghosts and international crowd
One hundred years ago, the Klondike Gold Rush lured swarms of people from around the world with its promises of riches and adventure. [details]
  A Day Out of Africa
In April of 2007, we hosted a group of 16 travelers on a photography safari to Africa. We knew we’d be searching for wild animals and learning about different cultures, but we didn’t know that our visit to the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe would touch our hearts. [details]
  Think green, think emerald, think Ireland
Vacationing in Ireland, the Emerald Isle, will give travelers a new definition of the word green. [details]
  Packing light
We packed for unexpected weather without really trying. [details]
  Fall colors highlight Agawa Canyon tour
An autumn trip to Upper Michigan, Mackinac Island, Sault St. Marie, and Agawa Canyon alwyas includes fun activities with a backdrop of stunning, fall colors. [details]
  Back to nature in our nation's capital
Washington D.C. offers a myriad of nature parks and walking trails. Why not visit our nation's capital from a new angle? [details]
  San Antonio built on centuries-old missions
San Antonio is one highlight on a visit to Texas and Louisiana. [details]
  Iceland -- Hot & Cool
Iceland is a land of fire and ice, geysers and glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls,woolly sheep and long-haired horses, and friendly, courteous people. Europeans have been flocking there for decades, but only recently have Americans discovered this island countryís charm. [details]
  Footsteps of Paul
Walking where St. Paul walked, sailing where he sailed highlighted this Turkey-Greece tour. [details]
  Alaskan Winter may beat the Midwest doldrums!
Seasoned travelers or those looking for a different type of tour may want to experience America's last frontier when life is little more extreme. [details]
  Remember 3-1-1 for flying
The new TSA brochure for flying with carry-on luggage is entitled 3-1-1. Following the guidelines is as easy as 1-2-3. [details]
  Hawaii boasts more extremes than other islands
Hawaii is not only the name of our 50th state, it’s also the name of the largest island in the chain. Fondly called the Big Island, Hawaii is extreme. [details]
  Hawai’i has its own unique trivia
Let’s play Hawai’i Trivia. It’s easy. Just remember the answer to every question is Hawai’i. [details]
  Hawaii blends beauty with diversity
Hawaii may be our 50th state, but during our January visits we often felt like we were in a foreign tropica [details]
test [details]
  Japanese cuisine can be an adventure
Even picky American eaters can find enjoyment in Japanese food. [details]
  Three Japanese cities highlight Japan's culture
Travelers to Japan can experience what it is and step into what it was in three amazing cities: Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. [details]
  Japan's bicycles, umbrellas, and bathrooms could befuddle visitors
Common items take on a new twist in Japan. [details]
  Alaska's Prince William Sound reflects some of nature's best
Nothing can compare with the beauty of Alaska's mountains, wilderness, wildlife, and waterways. [details]
  Gift Certificates Available
Gift certificates for travel with Tom's Christian Tours are available year-round. [details]

  No Events Scheduled